Wisdom Awaits

Like the nautilus’ shell and the soft-bodied animal within, we grow, expanding into new spaces which fit better. We need support for those times when expansion involves pain, fear, confusion or dissatisfaction. Wisdom Sister Studio was created to help you move forward with clarity, inspiration, creativity and presence by increasing self-connection and access to your inner wisdom.

When inner wisdom flows, you:

  • Make decisions with greater ease;
  • Connect with your body and improve physical health;
  • Access your natural creativity and inspiration, and feel more content; and
  • Live life’s moments with more joy and presence.

This inner wisdom builds with an increase in the quality of your self-connection. Through bodywork, listening and our always expanding resources and you will cultivate your inner wisdom which lights your way on.  

When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.

~ Rumi


I founded Wisdom Sister Studio in 2015 to help clients access their inner wisdom. Over years of seeking and searching myself, I was fortunate to explore a wide range of practitioners and practices which fortified my own journey. I have chosen my favorites to offer here.

With an emphasis on self-connection, you’ll find the clarity, contentment, inspiration, creativity and mindfulness to chart your own unique path in the world. Bodywork, listening, and many, many books are the beginning of this offering.

I am devoted to holding the healing light and space for others to find their own wisdom and light.