Wisdom Listening

Sometimes you want to keep a concern, question or dilemma close and sort it out without the influence of others who offer advice or judgments. You want to be clear on how you feel before discussing it with others. Perhaps you need to explore an idea that frightens you or stretches your thoughts. 

Or, you have a decision to make which will affect loved ones and you need to explore it first without their influence. Maybe you want to speak a scary truth, or make a confession and need a confidential place to do it.

It’s versatile and not therapy or coffee talk. You will receive a skillful listener to help you explore and learn more about your experience, intention and longing. Sessions are virtual via video or phone. You determine the topic(s). Using thought-provoking questions and insightful reflections, you gain self-understanding and -connection.

When someone really listens to you, without judgment or advice, your inner wisdom is more accessible for clarifying guidance for the answers you seek. The next steps then become clear. Sessions can also be scheduled for support while taking those next steps. Input and ideas are shared only when requested and in support of your journey. 

How it works

When you click the “Book Now” button below, you will see date/time options for our 50-minute session. You will see more details on how we will work together and the limits on confidentiality as required by law. Once you select your date and time, you will provide payment information and officially book your session. Your confirmation email will include information on how to access the session at your scheduled time as well as information on how to cancel should a conflict arise or you change your mind.

At our scheduled time, follow the access instructions and I will be there, ready to listen and support you. If you have preferences for how we work together, you can advise me when you schedule or at the beginning of the session. If you have questions along the way, simply send me a note, using the Contact Form and I will help.

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