I am often asked, “How did you get here?” to which I reply, “via a long, seeker’s path.” Looking back, I see how I internalized the rules of a strict religion and potent and certain family values. I aimed to do everything “right” so as not to be expelled from these communities I loved. I applied these same compliant principles to school and later in working earning good grades, promotions and raises — “success” so I was told.

Achieving success following these outside measures was satisfying in a way, until it wasn’t. In 1998, I was rising rapidly through the ranks of a Fortune 100 business and had all the things I was told to get: house in a trendy neighborhood, fancy imported car, a live-in partner and his two children, and lots of travel for work and play. I thought I loved it, until that fateful day in April, when I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize the woman looking back. I was 34.

After this pivotal “mirror moment,” I began unwinding the life I had in search of greater meaning. I could not see then what I can clearly see now — that I sought refuge and relief from the dissonance I was feeling in a number of ways, both healthy and unhealthy. I was happy to move my body on bike rides, lake walks and aerobic classes. I sought support in massage therapy, psychics, retreats, acupuncturists, herbalists, and other guides. I also over-indulged in cocktails and food. When the incongruence of my life caught up to me, I had few skills to look within. I was so skilled in seeking answers outside myself  and this impeded me finding the path to a life that felt deeply good and true for me. I read a lot of great books (see Resources) and met many wonderful healing and wellness practitioners as I sought more balance.

Ten years after my “mirror moment,” I quit drinking which proved to be a bold move for me. No longer squelched by alcohol, my inner wisdom gained a real foothold and the volume turned up on my voice within. My participation in 12-step programs led me to seek certification as a Spiritual Director building skills in deep, reflective listening and rich inner work.

In 2014, I began training as a bodyworker. I moved to Costa Rica to study massage then returned to the U.S. to immerse myself in the study of myofascial release with John Barnes. This gentle yet powerful therapy transforms bodies and beings. Adding training in Health Touch and other energy healing, I created a rich practice combing spiritual direction and bodywork.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, all massage practices were shuttered in Minnesota. Clients asked for Zoom sessions to connect and be held energetically and listened to … and Wisdom Listening was born.


Wisdom Sister Studio nurtures connection to the wisdom within for all. “Mirror” moments like mine, big and small,  help to wake us up. You’ll find resources for your journey here. I hope you enjoy what is offered here. Your suggestions are welcome, too.


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