Specialized therapeutic bodywork service is available in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is designed to increase self-connection which leads you to improved healing. 

Each session is unique and guided by information you and your body provide in the session. This hands-on therapy has successfully helped clients experiencing pain of unknown origins and other mysteries of the body.

With training in John Barnes Myofascial Release, Reiki, Healing Touch and traditional massage, each session is uniquely attuned for your healing and wholeness. Sessions are often a combination of conversation and bodywork which fosters overall  alignment of body and being.


Unlike a traditional massage, the touch is gentle while working deeply and attuned to your body’s distinct needs, releasing fascial restrictions, balancing the nervous system, relieving muscle tightness or improving energy flow. After sessions clients say they feel more grounded, have less pain, are calmer and more balanced. For some, the bodywork triggers old trauma, and the body needs time to process such releases. It’s all in the interests of improving health and wellness.

Appointments are limited. 

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