Sacred Self: Simple Tools for Self Support

We’ve all heard that we should implement a “self-care routine,” but let’s face it: most of us haven’t gone much further than drawing a hot bath and pouring a nourishing cup of tea! In Sacred Self: Simple Tools for Self-Support Barb Ryan—certified massage therapist, spiritual director, and founder of Wisdom Sister Studio—has distilled her tried-and-tested methods into an easy-to-use toolkit.

Ryan demystifies intimidating concepts such as energy work and meditation and provides simple practices that you can use to get started on your journey to better health, more energy, and tranquility. In this guide, you will find enjoyable exercises for cultivating self-love, gratitude, and swift realignment. Ryan breaks down complex concepts like breathwork, meditation, and visualization into a one-page format, making it effortless to cultivate a lasting connection with your inner wisdom and the Divine.

No matter what you are facing, Sacred Self: Simple Tools for Self-Support can help you transcend to a more positive place. Are you ready to feel more joy, experience better health, and live your life with more love and vitality? Dive into Sacred Self: Simple Tools for Self-Support to start your journey towards well-being today.

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About the Author

I founded Wisdom Sister Studio in 2015 to help clients access their inner wisdom. Over years of seeking and searching myself, I was fortunate to explore a wide range of practitioners and practices which fortified my own journey. I have chosen my favorites to offer here.

With an emphasis on self-connection, you’ll find the clarity, contentment, inspiration, creativity and mindfulness to chart your own unique path in the world. Bodywork, listening, and many, many books are the beginning of this offering.

I am devoted to holding the healing light and space for others to find their own wisdom and light.