Autumn’s Invitation to Let Go

The season of Fall is upon us. Here in the north, our trees show how beautiful letting go can be. Bursting forth in color, they honor what is ending with grace and the flutter of their leaves to the ground. Time in the forests is magical this time of year and provides inspiration for our own lettings go. The cycle of seasons assures us that letting go is only part of our flourishing, clearing out for the depths of Winter and the rising again, anew in Spring.

Accept the invitation as offered. Focus on releasing what is no longer serving you and surrendering to your inner-wise guidance. Here are some ways to bring that forth:

  1. Daily Energy Clearing: Each evening before you go to sleep, imagine a sacred rake combing over your body, clearing all the energy that 1) isn’t you or yours; and 2) is no longer needed by you.  Imagine this sacred rake moving from your head to your feet, clearing all this unneeded energy out through your feet then down into the earth to be composted for future growth. Invite the Divine energy of your choice to fill the vacated space. Pray for continued guidance and care as you nod off to sleep.
  2. Walk in the Windy Woods: Choose a windy day this fall to commune with the trees as they release leaves. Invite the wind to clear your body and mind of what is no longer needed and allow the nourishment of nature to fill in the space left behind. Enjoy this practice with a friend.
  3. Balasana or Childs Pose. This pose in pure or modified form is a great surrender posture. In addition to stretching your back and shoulders, it soothes your being. The Yoga Journal provides great information on specific poses including modifications which is far beyond what I could presently share. Here is a link to their instruction on childs pose:
  4. Clear your closet. Right-size this task by simply looking for ten things to pass along to the next user or throw out. Those pants that are too long or the shirt with the stain you haven’t yet cleaned or the shoes that pinch your toes or the purse you never really liked. Pick ten and pack them off to the donation center. Let them go and allow yourself to feel the lightness in releasing the unneeded.

Rumi said, “life is a balance of holding on and letting go.” Balance is the crux of this wisdom. Nature shows us this time and time again. By taking time to release, as Nature does, you move toward this balance and more wellness. Like inhaling and exhaling, giving and receiving, balance buoys our good living.


P.S. Check out the Release Meditation on my YouTube channel to support the release of worry and mental clutter.