Breathing to Energize

I am usually helping clients find relaxation. This week, I had several clients who wanted to bolster their energy without increasing the coffee consumption. So in this post, I am sharing two breathing practices designed to energize. Be sure to practice when you have hours before you sleep or you’ll be tossing and turning.

First up, we have yoga’s breath of fire. It takes a bit of time to master the rhythm and movement but its worth it. And, it is a good workout for your abs!

Second, I found this fun one that is easier to master but will make you look a bit goofy unless you engage your neighbors, like the teacher in the video does. What a great way to revitalize a group of students on a hot late spring day, or perk up you and whoever is around you during the after-lunch slump.

I would enjoy reading about your experiences with these breathing techniques, if you’re so inclined to commenting. Enjoy the rush and the buzz of this new kind of energy boost.