Convergence & Refuge

It’s better to light a candle than curse the darkness.

~Eleanor Roosevelt

Today, I intended to buckle down! The task list was clear and prioritized with long overdue items. And now it’s nearly 4pm and I am only 10% in. I have been at my desk since 10am. Resistance and twirling prevail despite my clear intentions. I brought myself back to task over and over again yet off I go to find beachfront accommodation for next January or to talk to my sister about care needs for my parents or to check my email so many times hoping something really urgent will require my attention so I can “get that done.” It’s like I am two women: one focused with clear intention and determination, and the other popping from task to task with the glee of variety. I need some peace – a refuge from my dueling selves.

Today’s refuge was found in the wise words of some of my favorite teachers: Sylvia Boorstein, Eleanor Roosevelt, Georgia O’Keefe , and Desmond Tutu. The convergence of their wisdom (collected and consolidated swiftly using ChatGPT prompts) soothed my soul, permitted my truth and guided me to focus. This refuge of wise words is a solid tool when I need to soothe my soul, inspire my being and guide my mind. I’ve employed it for years.

Thirty years ago (think – no smart phones, PCs more at the office than in the home, audio books were on cassette tape or CD), I created a quotes journal filled with the inspiring words I encountered in daily life which would provide refuge on the rougher days. I still have that journal but I now tuck wise words in all sorts of places – journals, notecards, text notes, MSWord, OneNote. I’m sure you get the picture. I am grateful for the ai technology that brings it right to my screen. Wise memoirist Cheryl Strayed has compiled her best quotes in a book she titled Brave Enough. Pure brilliance as a refuge for weary beings who fancy her voice and life perspective. More of this please.

Keep close those wise words which buoy your spirit in a way that will support you best in those moments when extra care is needed. Do it your way. Fill it regularly. Seek its refuge often and allow the convergence of this inspiring wisdom support and guide you.