Hope in the Light

Our recent turn into Winter also marks the return of the light for those of us living in the northern hemisphere. I live in Minnesota where Winter shines in snow and cold. I see the increasing light as a reassuring reminder that we are twirling through the Universe on our way to Spring, so enjoy the snow! When I moved here in 1986, I came from a state where we mostly hid out until winter passed for Winter was shorter there. Few in Minnesota would recommend this approach and many will show you how to get outside and play — cross-country skiing, ice fishing, kite flying, snowshoeing, sledding, skating and winter hiking. I’ve learned to celebrate and play in the winter since moving north.

Our winter weather has changed over time. We no longer get those whopper snow storms that deliver a consistent snow pack for quality skiing and sledding. Oddly, all the snow seems to now fall south of us, piling into the place I used to live where it is less welcome as we turn green with envy and our cross country skis gather dust. A signal to stay flexible and open to what is.

What is right before you now? In this moment, the present moment, who are you? Where is your love flowing? What brings you joy? What causes pain? How does the changing light create shift for you right now? Questions like these help us connect with our selves in the moment and can be used in any moment. No need to hold tight to the answer in any given moment for we shift and change like the seasons and the Universe. Knowing oneself in one’s moments is a way to self-connect and self-support. Answer honestly. Reroute or bask, as needed.

We are blessed to have a nature center right in the middle of our little city. I took this photo one afternoon while basking in the late fall sunshine. May this combo of wise words from Hafiz and the beauty of our shared sun inspire and lift you as we all travel forth.

On the shores of Wood Lake.

Blessings to you each and all as we finish out this year and begin anew.