Restoring connection

I am always surprised when churning dark thoughts arrive in my mind as they did in the wee hours  of this morning. Not only is my mind churning with self-decimating words, my stomach hurts and my body braces. It feels horrible and I typically forget to keep ‘em moving, they are only thoughts, and like clouds in the sky they will move on. This morning, I was different. A victory, indeed. I am compiling a toolkit for restoring self-connection which meant the tools were top-of-mind to help soothe my mind, heart and soul today.

First, I asked myself, “what do I most need to feel better in this moment?” I took a deep breath and started the 4-7-8 breath series.

Second, I asked myself “how can I infuse my mind with move love?” This led to a search on YouTube for a guided Loving Kindness meditation which delivered ripples of love for me and others.

Third, I went for a walk, which is a key part of my self-connection maintenance plan. Opting out of my preference in the moment to stay snuggled in bed.

These actions led me to feel more connected, supported, loving, and centered. Caring for yourself in stressful times takes intention and practice, like exercise cares for our physical bodies. These practices are just a few of the tools in the toolkit, coming soon.

Blessings and love,