Soothing Self


I needed an official definition for the word “soothing” this morning. Life has intensified in the past six weeks and  I’ve needed more soothing to care well for myself.  And, I see myself choosing options that are long term detriments – junky food, sleep, and hibernation. In clearer moments, I seek soothing in more balanced ways — like breath work, yoga, nature walks, or preparing fresh food from the bounty of our summer harvest season.  This swinging around makes me nutty so I seek a home base, a touch point, a single reassuring source for calm and center.  Sometimes its a mantra or poem or song.

To keep things simple this morning and offer some soothing, I share these two videos of songs I find helpful again and again. My response to them is immediate. I feel reassured and centered in a larger, more encompassing realm.  The singers are of the Christian Rock genre which I realize may be off-putting to some.  I easily hold my image of higher power as I listen and hope you can do the same and enjoy the beauty and gift within.