The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

It’s actually been more than thirty years since this book was published and it reigns among my favorites for it’s call to action. I discovered it while settling into living solo in my own home after cycling through roommates for a couple of years. I had owned the book for a while but had not found the time to devote to her practices. Following her lead, I found myself journeying in ways that surprised and felt fun. I always enjoy tapping into my creative side and fall victim to thinking I don’t have much within to play with. I have always admired friends who can play music, dance, create paintings and sculpture. This book helped me loosen the grip that my “not creative” inner critic had on me. Julia has written a number of other books in this space. She is devoted to helping us loosen up and connect with our inner artist. Keep watch here on the blog for news of books groups starting soon. Julia’s Artist’s Way is atop the list for initial convenings. I love the call to action in her simple steps. And, after traveling the path solo years ago, I would like to try traveling again with others. I hope you will join me. More to come.

Blessings and love,

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