The Centering Strength of Tadasana

Ben Fullerton Mountain PoseThe final month of Winter is near in Minnesota and I find the mental restlessness of Spring is arriving early. I enjoy the long dark treasure trove winter provides for slowing the social pace and delving deeper into matters of mind, body and spirit. So the early arrival of Spring restlessness has me seeking center more and for that I turn to Tadasana or Mountain Pose. It is a potent pause button for a bustling being.

While each person has their own definition of “busy,” nearly everyone can enjoy the benefits of Mountain pose. (Note: it is not recommended when if you have a headache, are experiencing insomnia or have low blood pressure.) I encourage you each and all to take a pause today and beyond to connect with your being and body in Mountain Pose. I’m keeping the post short so we all have time to actually do it.

Click here for a link to the best description of the pose with pictures and video on Yoga Journal. Keep a few things in mind while you practice this pose:

  1. Tadasana is an active pose that calms and improves focus as well as improving balance and posture; don’t let the photos fool you.
  2. It is a beginner’s pose and helps to cultivate stillness and a sense of relaxed power.
  3. This pose can help restore your concentration.
  4. Take your time moving into the pose. Calm and settle your spirit; center and align your body; connect to the world around you in a mindful way; allow distractions and troubles to fade away for the moments you are breathing in this way.

I know I am mixing nature references here, but there is something about practicing Tadasana that reminds me of John O’Donohue’s poem Fluent. Like Tadasana, it is simple and powerful:

Fluent by John O’Donohue

I would love to live

Like the river flows,

Carried by the surprise

Of its own unfolding.

Enjoy your own unfolding.