What triggers your happiness?

I spend a lot of time focusing on what is wrong. Solving problems is common whether I am in the bodywork studio or working with consulting clients. Though in Wisdom Listening sessions, trouble is typically a part of the initial conversation but it shifts. And, I am not a solver in these sessions. I am […]

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

It’s actually been more than thirty years since this book was published and it reigns among my favorites for it’s call to action. I discovered it while settling into living solo in my own home after cycling through roommates for a couple of years. I had owned the book for a while but had not […]

Restoring connection

I am always surprised when churning dark thoughts arrive in my mind as they did in the wee hours  of this morning. Not only is my mind churning with self-decimating words, my stomach hurts and my body braces. It feels horrible and I typically forget to keep ‘em moving, they are only thoughts, and like […]

Hope in the Light

Our recent turn into Winter also marks the return of the light for those of us living in the northern hemisphere. I live in Minnesota where Winter shines in snow and cold. I see the increasing light as a reassuring reminder that we are twirling through the Universe on our way to Spring, so enjoy […]

Snow Signals

I live in Minnesota, happily, and we received about six inches of fresh snow yesterday. Yes, snow brings certain hassles but it also settles in like a comforting blanket of beauty and quiet for our dark days of this season. Winter is like nature’s call to slow down, snuggle in, nurture your depths and allow […]

Shaking to transform stress to vital life energy

I hope you all will enjoy this amazing way to clear stress from your body and being. I share this often with clients to help shift energy and restore vitality. Life can be so challenging and this method, beautifully demonstrated, fosters well-being. Enjoy!

May Sarton’s poem for your self-reflection….enjoy.

Now I become myself Now I become myself. It’s takenTime, many years and places;I have been dissolved and shaken,Worn other people’s faces,Run madly, as if Time were there,Terribly old, crying a warning,“Hurry, you will be dead before—”(What? Before you reach the morning?Or the end of the poem is clear?Or love safe in the walled city?)Now […]

…until they can love themselves again.

“When someone is suffering, sick or dying they can often feel unloveable. That’s how it was for me when I was sick.The healing work then, beyond all skillful interventions is this: Love them, just love them until they can love themselves again.” ~ Frank Ostaseski from The Five Invitations I need say no more. Bessings, […]

Aikido Inspiration

I’ve been thinking about this TedX talk for some weeks now. It’s from 2013 and about the time I went looking for Aikido training. I found this teacher. He’s local to me and wise about Aikikdo. This talk is filled with lots of experiential exercises with potent ideas for calm and strength. I love how […]

Loving Kindness Meditation

I first heard about this practice in the early 1990’s. I was listening to a book on tape by Pema Chodron, a wise and present American divorcee turned Buddhist nun. I’d just started listening to her wise words and this practice seemed weird. Later, I would, via the counsel of Sharon Salzberg and Sylvia Boorstein, […]